Homecoming is a long-standing tradition that welcomes West High alumni, fans, family and the community to West High to celebrate the school’s nearly 130 years of history and heritage.

Homecoming Royalty in particular is an honored tradition of the West High Homecoming celebration. While the Royalty nomination and selection process has evolved over the years, Homecoming Royalty is an opportunity to showcase and recognize students at who have demonstrated their commitment to representing West High.

The West High Alumni Association is excited that applications for the 2019 Homecoming Royalty Court is now open. The deadline for seniors to apply is Thursday, Sept. 5.

To increase accessibility, inclusivity and participation in the Homecoming Royalty Court, WHAA is excited to announce the following changes:

  • Rather than a Queen or King, this year’s Homecoming Royalty will be a (gender-neutral) Homecoming Royalty Court comprised of five (5) members of the Class of 2020
  • Elimination of the Homecoming Royalty Pageant, increasing the focus of selecting students that embody the West High community values
  • Each Homecoming Royalty Court member will receive a $500 grant to help them pursue their educational goals, increasing the tradition’s alignment with the Association’s mission of helping students an alumni reach their educational goals

The Court will be chosen by members of the West High Alumni Association based off their application and a brief interview that will take place during Homecoming Week. Students selected to be part of the Homecoming Royalty Court will each receive a $500 grant to help them pursue their educational goals.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, Sept. 5.

Seniors may apply at westalumni.org/homecoming-royalty.