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Mentorship Program

The majority of recipients’ receiving a scholarship from the West High Alumni Association (WHAA) are first-generation college students.  Often, many recipients do not have access to someone who can guide them through the transition of the high school structure to college. There are many resources available for every struggle on a college campus, but one has to know where to look for them.

The West High Alumni Mentorship Program will pair a scholarship recipient (mentee) with an Alumni board member (mentor) to guide the scholarship recipient through the college experience.

Recipients of WHAA scholarships are required to participate in the program. 

Mentors will check-in with the scholarship recipients throughout their first year of college, providing guidance, mentorship and other aid to scholarship recipients. The mentorship program will empower mentees to thrive in the college learning environment and successfully navigate the challenges they face.

Through this mentorship program, the WHAA hopes to make the transition easier and increase the college success of WHAA scholarship recipients.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements

  • Attend the WHAA Mentorship Program orientation
  • Be prepared for scheduled check-in with mentors
  • Reply to mentor’s communication efforts
  • Provide college course schedule, credit hours, and grades when requested. This is for informational purposes; your scholarship will not be revoked for grade performance.
  • Provide feedback on your college experience
  • Provide feedback on the Mentorship Program

If you have any questions, please contact Bryce Williams at president@westalumni.org.

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