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On the Big Screen

The following is a list of movies and TV shows that have used West High School as their backdrop, either in whole or in part.

Saving Sarah Cain (2007)

Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005)

Disney Channel’s Going to the Mat (2004)

SLC Punk! (1998)

Windrunner (1995)

An episode of Touched by an Angel (TV Series, 1994-2003)

Split Infinity (1992)

Do you know of others? Send them to us at with all of the details. Happy Watching!

Renowned Alumni

Each year, WHAA inducts people in various categories in our Hall of Fame. We publish these in our annual newsletter, Panther prints, for you to enjoy and get to know these remarkable people. Here is a list of people we have inducted. This list is inclusive from 1993 to 2013.   

Key: name/ year inducted/ graduation class of…/ accomplishment(s)

Hall of Fame

These people were inducted into our hall of fame for their outstanding contributions to West High School, in their communities, nationally and internationally. These people are all graduates of West High School.

Franklin T Ferguson, FAIA/ 1994/ 1953/ Architect

JoAnn South Ottley/ 1994/ 1953/ Singer in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Dr. Myron Q Hale/ 1995/ 1938/ Professor of political science, Perdue University

Lt Col Paul A Bloomquist/ 1995/ 1949/ Served in the Army with the Medical Evacuation Team (MEDEVAC)/ Killed by terrorists Army Base named after him

Dr. William H. Dunlop/ 1995/ 1961/ Physicist, works in world affairs dealing with missiles and arms

Dr. Robert M Alston/ 1995/ 1961/ Doctor

J Gordon Holmes, MD/ 1996/ 1940/ Surgeon

Leonidas Ralph Mecham/ 1996/ 1946/ US Supreme Court

John F Piercey/ 1996/ 1948/ Lawyer

George Von Elm/ 1997/ 1919/ Golfer, beat golf great Bobby Jones went on to become a golf course architect

Larry H Miller/ 1997/ 1962/ Owner, Utah Jazz, several car dealerships and many other business in Utah

J Jerry Jeremy/ 1998/ 1935/ Paratrooper in WWII went on to become youngest director of US Chamber of Commerce

Thomas A Hawkes Jr/ 1998/ 1963/ Vietnam War Veteran-Earned Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Silver Star and Medal of Honor for working with MEDEVAC

Robert A Schluter/ 2000/ 1942/ Inventor, trigger for atomic bomb

Fran Peek & Kim Peek/ 2003/ 1944/ Developed Special Ed Programs for kids with disabilities and his disabled son was involved in and was the inspiration for the Movie “Rain Man”

Yukuo Takenaka/ 2003/ 1961/ Established his own Investment Banking company, an Author of numerous magazines

David and Jay Groen/ 2004/ 1969 (David) 1962 (Jay)/ brothers, cofounded Seagull Recycling, David worked for CIA and they were pilots

Clayton M Christensen/ 2004/ 1970/ A Harvard Professor, Board Member of several hospitals and an Author

Eugene George Fairfax, RADM/ 2005/ 1934/ Pilot, Boxer, Quarterback, and received several military medals

The Evans Brothers/ 2006/ 1933/ Sang with the Evans Brothers Quartet (A barbershop quartet)

Thomas S Monson/ 2006/ 1944/ 16th President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Richard A Fullmer/ 2006/ 1963/ Accountant and Board Member and Manager of Hospitals

Dr William K Ickes/ 2007/ 1943/ An audiologist and a writer of books

James M Slater, MD, FACR/ 2007/ 1946/ Active in research for radiation and won several awards for Radiology

Tom C Korologos/ 2007/ 1951/ A Journalist with various positions and experience in Washington DC

Dr C Keith Connors/ 2007/ 1952/ Worked with several Medical Centers and known for his research onADHD

Dan W Andersen/ 2008/ 1945/ Served two LDS Missions, President of BYU Hawaii and Dean at BYU in Provo

Ron Carlson/ 2008/ 1965/ Author of nine books, Professor of English

Donald Dunn/ 2008/ 1989/ Involved in Politics in local, state and federal levels with a degree in Political Science

Wallace Thurman/ 2008/ N/A/ Publisher, editor, a writer of plays, novels, and articles in New York

Terry E Nish/ 2009/ 1955/ Race car driver, and founded Servi-Tech and was in the beverage industry

Rienhard Backer/ 2010/ 1931/ Owner of West High Bakery and also Mrs. Backers Bakery

Duane C Hill/ 2010/ 1945/ An actor, communicator and active in community affairs

Kevin Sundwall/ 2010/ 1983/ A Lawyer with a career in public service

Richard “Dick” Degrey/ 2011/ 1937/ Employed 49 years at Lookheed and is a Project Engineer for Jets

Wayne M Saltzgiver/ 2011/ 1954/ Employed for 38 years at Mountain Fuel Many other accomplishments

Scot G Frank/ 2011/ 2004/ Developed the company Solsource and co-founded One Earth Designs

Marion Duff Hanks/ 2012/ 1939/ at age 31 was called to be a General Authority of the LDS church, A speaker, renowned teacher and a writer.

Gene Rose/ 2012/ 1940/ Gene is the owner of Loftus Novelty, also was one of the original members of WHAA, giving scholarships to seniors

Leo William Goates/ 2012/ 1945/ In World War II, served a mission in Sweden, A BS in political Science U of U and a MA Political Science BYU

Mark Philbrick/ 2012/ 1971/ One of the first full time Photographers at BYU, Named the University Photographer of the year six times.

Raymond Van Mason/ 2012/ N/A/ A career with Ballet West for 18 years. Created his own ballet school called Imagine Ballet Theatre.

Gerald McPhie/ 2013/ 1943/ Involved in the Movie Industry and a producer for many stars including the Osmonds, Smothers Brothers and others

Gerald Grow/ 2013/ 1960/ Received a degree in accounting at the U of U, worked for Peabody Coal in Illinois and he set up a scholarship for West

Alumni of the Year

As graduates of West High School, These people were inducted as Alumni of the Year for their outstanding contributions to West High School, their communities and nationally.

I. J Wagner/ 1993/ 1932/ hard work ethic, supporter of WHAA Scholorship fund

June M. Morris/ 1993/ 1948/ First female CEO, Morris Air

Honorabe Judith A Boulden/ 1994/ 1965/ United States bankruptcy Judge

Honorable Andrew A Valdez/ 1994/ 1970/ Juvenile court judge

Verl R Topham/ 1995/ 1952/ Served on many city and state committees/organizations

Gary Totland/ 1995/ 1954/ Works with people with disabilities/ works with American Cancer Society

Linda C. Smith/ 1995/ 1958/ Dancer

George Clay Magann/ 1996/ 1926/ Served in the US Navy

Lois Nielsen Steenblik/ 1996/ 1941/ Supporter of West High programs and surrounding community

Joanne Hawkes Trumbo/ 1997/ 1947/ Adoptive mother to 12 children

M. Carl Larsen/ 1997/ 1956/ Pitcher, Brooklyn Dodgers and Land Surveyor

Ronald J Whitehead/ 1997/ 1961/ Politician and Owner of Bailey’s Moving and Storage

Helen Foster Snow/ 1998/ 1925/ Nominated twice for Nobel prize for her work inChina-USA Relations

Marvin L Hendrickson/ 1998/ 1957/ Owner of his construction company, former President Home Builders Assn. and a member of the WHAA.

Wayne U Sanford/ 1999/ 1943/ Executive Vice-President, Utah Paper Box Co.

Thelma Dahlen Brimley/ 2000/ 1918/ Won orator competition, one of the first women to graduate @ U of U

Sidney G Baucom/ 2000/ 1947/ Lawyer

Ann Doris Schober Ericksen/ 2001/ 1930/ Attended several homecoming, great supporter of WHS

Joe Tobari/ 2001/ 1942/ was with 442nd regiment combat team during WWII (All Japanese-Americans)

Vivian Weggeland/ 2002/ 1920/ In early years worked with Polio victims, later did Art Work for several organizations

Andrew L Gallegos/ 2002/ 1958 Suggested the name for Light Rail and is active in many organizations

Nick P Sefakis/ 2003/ 1952/ Employed at Kennecott for 36 years, General Mgr. Metropolitan Water District, Helped construct Little Dam Reservoir

Barbara Humphrey Stretton/ 2003/ 1954/ Wrote words to school song, an Author, Speaker and an English Teacher

Janiel (Jael) Ashton/ 2003/ 1956/ Wrote Music to the school song, owned Art Studios and did cover publications in New York

Gerald W Sharp/ 2004/ 1947/ Involved with space research and with the Kennedy Space Center

Elaine Dokos Tzourtzouklis/ 2004/ 1961/ President of the SL Teachers Assn., Involved with Education in several Utah Communities and clubs

Helen Waltemeyer Nielsen/ 2005/ 1944/ Involved in interior design, City Planner

Kay Evans/ 2005/ 1959/ Medical Asst., Café owner, Barber shop owner and an educator

Dr John Kumagai/ 2006/ 1944/ Doctor in Kamas, Utah for 26 years

Dr Lindey F Kumagai/ 2006/ 1944/ Doctor for Patient care and involved in research

Judge Robert S Yeates/ 2006/ 1964/ A Judge, a Probation Officer, and a counselor

Judge Shauna Graves-Robertson/ 2006/ 1976/ Judge in S.L. County and also received the Rosa Park Award

Carlton J Christensen/ 2006/ 1984/ Business Analyst for Zions Bank, member of the SLC council and involved in Charities

E Kent Albrand/ 2007/ 1949/ In the Korean War, worked at Utah Power and owned Watson Transfer and Storage

Lily Nakai Havey/ 2007/ 1949/ Teacher at Cottonwood High, Skyline High, exhibits stained glass at Utah Arts

Kindon R Jensen/ 2008/ 1943. A cartographer in California for 36 years and also involed with the scouting program

Daphne Bliss Perry/ 2008/ 1943/ Protective service worker and an active volunteer

Frank Bond/ 2009/ 1930/ At age 99 the oldest graduate of West High and dance with the Sunny Anderson Dance Group

Robert R McKay/ 2009/ 1937/ Sixty years with Mckay Jewelers and own Arabian Horses

Brent O Taylor/ 2009/ 1955/ Won many awards as a 45 year teacher at West High

Linda Richmond Hale/ 2009/ 1962/ Taught History at West High, Student Government Advisor and involved with WHAA.

Steve Asay/ 2009/ 1971/ Served six years on the School Community Council and also an announcer for the Basketball and Football games

Geraldine Soper Enniss/ 2009/ N/A/ A Judge for Draper City and involved with the S.L. Valley Detention Center

Howard Victor White/ 2010/ 1928/ A long career in Banking and served an LDS Mission

Ron Bouck/ 2010/ 1952/ Acheerleader and volunteers with youth charities

William “Willie” Price/ 2011/ 1947/ Employed for 30 years at Hill Air Force Base, and also worked with youth receiving several awards.

Lillian Anderson Draper/ 2012/ 1924/ Received a teaching degree from the U of U an later a certificate in special education. A genealogist for 75 years

Richard Thomas/ 2012/ 1943/ A Petty Officer at 18 in World War II, studied sculpting at U of U and owned Dick Thomas Flooring

Bill Baxtor/ 2012/ 1962/ Served a mission for the LDS Church, Taught music in Idaho and Oregon, choirs and bands received high ratings

Outstanding Panther in the Community

As the name of the awards states, these West High Graduates have made an outstanding contribution to West High School and their community.

Nathan B Hale/ 2001/ 1936/ Worked with local theatre programs, very active in LDS church

Fujio (Fudge) Iwasaki/ 2001/ 1938/ Started The Pagoda Restaurant, hired many WHS students as workers

Paul S Sagers Sr/ 2001/ 1939/ For his work with disabled persons

Jack Fairclough/ 2001/ 1939/ For his many athletic accomplishments

Lou Lorenz/ 2001/ 1940/ Owner, knife company; contributor to scholarship program

Kent Donaldsen/ 2002/ 1938/ A Pilot, Captain in the Airforce, in the Korean War and World War 2

Duane Bordeaux/ 2002/ 1981/ Created Colors of Success, active in the boys and girls clubs

Marce Wilson/ 2002/ 1991/ A Baseball Coach and drafted in the New York Yankees in 1995

Vernon Jorgenson/ 2003/ 1943/ Planning Director for thirty years for the City Planning Dept. and also a speaker at numerous organizations

Bob Hansen/ 2003/ 1943/ A President in the Oil and the Transportation industries

Howard Leatham/ 2003/ 1946/ Active in transportation projects

Jerald D Holyoak/ 2003/ 1947/ 53 years in Banking and serves on the board for many charities

John T Calevas/ 2003/ 1948/ Taught at West High for 36 years

Joseph Donald Hill/ 2003/ 1957/ Helped to establish Panther Prints and a career with The SLC Fire Dept as Battalion Chief

Vern Gorzitze/ 2004/ 1947/ Thousands of hours as a volunteer for preservation of western history

Bill Koncar/ 2004/ 1948/  Was in the Korean War and was director of installations at the Defence Depot in Ogden, Ut

Lena Nilsson Hughes/ 2004/ 1965/ Manager of her sons (Hughs Brothers) in Branson, Missouri

Shannon Bryner Hale/ 2004/ 1992/ An Author of fiction novels and an industrial designer

Ann Doris Schober Ericksen/ 2005/ 1930/ Involved with Girl scouts, Bookkeeper for S.L. County Treasurers Office

Mary Latimer Hadfield/ 2005/ 1931/ Secretary, Model, and sang with The Sunshine Group for 40 years

Catherine Kranendonk Mills/ 2005/ 1932/ Mother, housewife and seamstress

Vern L Bullough, Ph.D, RN, D.Sci/ 2005/ 1945/ Author, involved in education and health care

Ralph S Heath/ 2006/ 1935/ Served in the Armed Forces, worked in retail and investments

Phyllis Fisher Heath/ 2006/ 1936/ An Educator and a member of several womens organizations

Richard Holmes/ 2007/ 1938/ Career in the oil business and a Resource Manager for Chevron oil

Margaret Eastwood/ 2007/ 1949/ Candy Maker and won 73 blue ribbons at the Utah State Fair

David Michael Heywood/ 2007/ 1958/ Director of 70 productions, A Journalist, and active in politics

Patricia Heywood Chiu/ 2007/ 1960/ Active in Arts and exhibits her painting

Joan Kilgrow Howard/ 2007/ 1963/ Owns Party Maker and is very helpful with the Alumni Association

Jack P Thacker/ 2008/ 1930/ Thirty five years with railway mail service and manager in San Francisco

Cal McPhie/ 2008/ 1941/ Ski Instructor, also developed Little Mountain and Gorgoza

Leif Arne Syversen/ 2008/ 1942/ Accountant for Utah Power and The Post Office and a Staff Sargent in World War two

Lucile Georgell/ 2009/ 1943/ Owner of Georgell Doll Shop and is the owner of 10,000 dolls

Ray Vissor/ 2009/ 1944/ A degree in Education and US History and worked in the Los Angeles District for 33 years

Jacob Gerritsen/ 2010/ 1945/ A career in construction with major projects

Gary Madrid/ 2010/ 1978/ Works for Harmons Grocery, teaches boxing and is involved with helping kids

President’s Award

This is awarded by the President of the WHAA to people who have made outstanding contributions to West High School and the WHAA. 

Betty Lorenz/ 2000/ N/A/ For her contributions to the West High Alumni Scholarship Program

Jim Chandler/ 2000/ N/A/ For his work as WHS Resource officer

Lorna Landon/ 2001/ N/A/ For her work at WHS

Michael John Carr/ 2003/ 1969/ College Basketball Official and a High School Basketball Coach

Blaine and Annette Overson/ 2005/ N/A/ They opened their home to WHS students to see that they had proper meals given to them

Phil Montoya/ 2006/ 1973/ Has a francise with H-R Block and also teaches classes on how to be debt free

Susan Raymond/ 2007/ N/A/ Helps with the sports programs at West High

Tina Breck2008N/ATakes care of paper work and uniforms for Basketball

Kim Caputo/ 2009/ 1989/ Involved with Colors of Success, a cheerleader coach winning several awards

Don Morgan/ 2010/ N/A/ Head Custodian for West High for thirty years

Roger Miller/ 2010/ N/A/ Custodian for West High

Bob Czapla/ 2011/ N/A/ Helpful in getting the Alumni Scholarship online application done

Bob Lewis/ 2012/ N/A/ A Court Reporter, a performer, an EMT, a Firefighter and seven years at West High

Palmer Wade/ 2012/ N/A/ A retired truck driver and is in charge of security at West High for thirteen years

Rebecca Florez-walshe/ 2013/ N/A/ The coordinator for West High Resource Center, helping students in all phases to succeed in life

Honorary Alumni

Although these people may not have graduated from West High School, their hearts bleed red and black. The people in this category have made outstanding contributions to West High School.

Betty Lorenz/ 2006/ N/A/ Not an Alumni but Very Supportive of WHS

Betty Donaldsen/ 2006/ N/A/ Not an alumni but very supportive of WHS

Ann Cannon/ 2006/ N/A/ Not an Alumni but Very Supportive of WHS

Delores Merrill/ 2006/ N/A/ Not an Alumni but Very Supportive of WHS

Karen Haladay/ 2011/ N/A/ Gives support to WHS with her connections to the Mayors office.

Karen Derrick/ 2011/ N/A/ A parent that sells hot dogs at WHS games and gives the funds back to the school

Sarah Herron/ 2011/ N/A/ A great Librarian, also a supporter of student plays and sports

Glen and Shelle Ujifusa/ 2011/ N/A/ They adopted a student from Rowanda that was attending WHS

Charlie and Paige Ferrell/ 2013/ N/A/ Supporter of West High Sports and founding member of the Booster Club, helpiing in all area of events

Honorable Mention

Although these people are not officially a part of the Hall of Fame, as West High Graduates, they have gone on to do amazing things.

Lester Farnsworth Wire/ 1998/ 1907/ Inventor of the Red and Green Traffic Signal

Harold W Ross/ 1996/ 1908/ Founder of The New Yorker Magazine